Aim & Scope

As a peer-reviewed journal, the Electronic Journal of Cumhuriyet Communication (E-JCC) is published twice a year (in June and December) within the Faculty of Communication of Sivas Cumhuriyet University. E-JCC aims to present disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies within the framework of communication sciences and to contribute to social sciences. 

Electronic Journal of Cumhuriyet Communication (E-JCC) is an international refereed, open-access, academic, electronic journal published twice a year in June and December. Articles submitted to the journal are primarily examined and evaluated by editorial boards. After this process, articles are evaluated by at least two referees. E-JCC includes scientific and original studies (such as research articles, translations, research papers, declarations, introductory papers for books, book reviews) written in Turkish and/or English that discuss topics or examine problems related to communication and social sciences. It is prioritized that the studies should be written with scientific reality, have the quality to contribute to scientific fields, refer to important sources, have an advanced language, should not be written with prejudice, and can not contain slogan type of sentences. Also, studies should have the qualifications such as review, research, and developed form of declaration.

Period Months
June December