Writing Rules

E-JCC includes scientific and original studies (such as research articles, translations, research papers, declarations, introductory papers for books, book reviews) written in Turkish and/or English that discuss topics or examine problems related to communication and social sciences. It is prioritized that the studies should be written with scientific reality, have the quality to contribute, refer to important sources, have an advanced language, should not be written with prejudice, and can not contain slogan type of sentences. Also, studies should have the qualifications such as review, research, and developed form of declaration.

The evaluation process is not initated for the manuscripts that do not comply with the writing principles of the journal, and do not have a footnotes, preface, summary or references.

The authors should follow the guidelines of APA (6th Edition) for the bibliography and all citations.

For the evaluation process, it is taken into account that the authors and referees are not from the same institution. The names of the authors and referees are confidential to each other. The editorial board changes for each issue and is formed in accordance with the subject of the articles. For the assessment of the submitted manuscripts, the referees are determined based on their expertise.

At least two referees are assigned to each manuscript to apply a double-blind review for the first phase of the assessment. In case one of the referee’s states “reject” and the other “accept”, “minor revision” or “major revision”, the article is forwarded to the third reviewer. If the third reviewer reports “publishable” or “can be published after revision”, the suggested revisions of the referee and editor are sent to the author(s). However, if the third referee makes a rejection decision, the article can not be published and the author is informed.

The reviewers pay regard to the following factors for the evaluations of the manuscripts:

Do the Turkish and English titles of the work reflect the article?

Do the abstracts of the article in both languages describe the article briefly?

Are the keywords sufficient and descriptive of the article?

Does the article contribute to communication science and social sciences?

Are the purpose, hypotheses, scope and method of the article sufficient for the study?

Are the language and expressions used in the article sufficient?

If there are, are figures and under-figure texts (including tables) sufficient?

Does the conclusion summarize the article sufficiently?

Are the references related to the topic?

Are the resources sufficient for the article?

Authors are expected to comply with the requested corrections and send the revised version of the article to the e-mail address of the journal or the journal system within 15 days.
If it is determined that the corrections are not made as suggested, the author will be informed. Articles that are not sent as corrected within the specified period are not included in the list of articles to be published.
The language of the articles can be Turkish or English.
Submitted articles should not have been published in another publication before or be at the stage of evaluation for publication. Even if the articles that do not meet these conditions are published, they are removed from the list of the order of publication, and the author is informed.
Papers presented in national or international congresses, conferences, or symposiums can be accepted on the condition that they are converted into the article format and content and not published in another journal or publication.
The articles should be written and submitted in a Microsoft Word document, font type should be set as Times New Roman, size 12 with 1.5 line space. Top, bottom, left, and right margin of the paper should be set as 3 cm.
The manuscript should be A4 size and numbered at the center bottom. Paragraph indent should set as 1 cm. The articles submitted to the journal should include Turkish and English written abstracts and titles.
Turkish abstracts should be in the range of 100-150 words, but Engilsh abstracts may be more than 150 words. Keywords consisting of 5 to 7 words should be placed under the abstracts. The scope, purpose, method, conclusions, and subject of the research should be briefly mentioned in the summary.

In addition, an extended abstract in English between 600-750 words should be added to the study.
The name(s) of the author(s) should be under the title. Also, the affiliation, academic title, address, work and mobile phone, and e-mail of the author(s) should be given with a footnote attahced to the name of the author(s).
The final decision regarding the publication of the articles belongs to the editorial board. The editorial board's evaluation of the article is sent to the author(s) with the referee reports as earliest as possible.
Authors are entitled to the legal responsibility of the article content.
All copyrights of the published articles belong to E-JCC, can not be published elsewhere. The authors are not paid for their articles.
Author(s) approve that their articles are included in non-commercial electronic databases in full text in order to support national and international academic information sharing. With this understanding, E-JCC can publish the articles with full text as General Public Licence.
Articles should be uploaded through the journal’s submission system at https://dergipark.org.tr/ecider